♥ Healer, how you steal my heart ♥

healer cute couple♥♥♥♥♥♥ This couple provides all the feels.

I am re-watching Healer for the many-ith time and am again drawn into how excellent this drama truly is. Have any of you seen W-Two Worlds? As an aside, that is another unique and excellent kdrama. Re-Watching Healer after having seen W, they really seem similar in what makes both these dramas perfection even after multiple viewings. The combination of action, comedy, interesting characters, good cinematography and directing along with picking actors that *SHOCKING* can act and have good chemistry between the main couple and the side characters is what makes these dramas EPIC. I feel like many good dramas get a few of these elements right, maybe they pick good actors but the characters they play are one-dimensional or have terrible story lines or dialogue. Maybe a good drama has super funny scenes but when they try and add depth with serious story lines the conflicts sem forced and characters seem to be acting against their own personalities. So really the goal of anyone producing a Kdrama should be to get all these elements right and then mix that around with a dash of originality to end up with a drama that will entice watchers and create buzz all around Korea. Not an easy task, at all!

Healer couple Sleep.png

Healer is an excellent all-round drama. Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young both portray complex characters who evolve through the episodes and of course have really killer chemistry both romantic and comedic. I usually find that my favorite relationships in dramas are built on small moments that connect and bond the pair. This seems really simple but I find that most actors and directors don’t appreciate or have trouble portraying these little moments genuinely. To give you an example of what I mean by little moments, one of my favorite dramas is a Cdrama called Boss and Me. This drama is probably one of the best at portraying these little moments that are the building blocks that create a relationship. The Boss, Feng Teng, in this drama watches the main female protagonist, Shan Shan, eat without her knowing it (I know it sounds creepy but it isn’t, trust me!) and we get to see him go from a cold exterior to begin to warm up by watching the way he reacts to the cute way she eats lunch.

boss and me watching shan shan eat

There is very little dialogue to explain Feng Teng’s emotional state but he begins to save his lunch to eat with Shan Shan (though he is watching her through a window so she is unaware) and is impatient when a meeting holds him up from being in the office to “eat lunch” with Shan Shan. So as an audience, we are seeing his feelings develop by seeing these small moments, and of course later Feng Teng and Shan Shan interact more. I have watched the drama many times and find the “events” that would portray the plot would not include some of my favorite scenes because they are not plot points; they are how Feng Teng would react to a silly statement Shan Shan would make or the way they would look at each other when Feng Teng teases her. Subtlety might be a good way to describe it. The Healer main couple absolutely captures this same feeling of slowly building feelings, trust, attraction and chemistry by utilizing a lot of comedy moments and some nice tension that really helps the audience to believe the relationship.

boss and me couple

Another absolute ALL-STAR in this drama is the genius hacker ahjumma, played by Kim Mi Kyung. I love love love this actress! She takes on unconventional roles and this is an especially good one. Often it seems like once you reach a certain age in Kdrama casting the only available roles are those of mother/father of the main character and this role is so much more fun and unconventional. We have some badass hacking skills that are the main element that helps Healer be such a kickass, action-hero night courier. The Ahjumma character is such a good foil to the more serious martial arts/action scenes. I love how she teases Healer and enjoys messing with him and also helps him to not seem TOO serious or jaded. Kim Mi Kyung is a seasoned actress who is very successful in dramas and movies for a good reason, she can act as pretty much any character and fully immerse herself and portray emotions. Definitely check out more of her work!!

Another part of Healer that is very well done is the soundtrack. This drama used the main “romantic/relationship” songs really well because they weren’t overused, and thus the songs had impact to really showcase the burgeoning relationship. The main romantic “skinship” scenes often started with a musical break to create a tension which I thought was brilliant because when the song did begin it had really created a special moment. I am a big fan of breaks in sound adding emphasis during dramas; I really think that moments of silence can add far more to a scene than if there had been constant sound. A totally different genre, but if you have ever seen the film Princess Mononoke by the famous Japanese creator Hayao Miyazaki, a part I found especially moving was when the Deer God was on screen all sounds would cease. You are left with the impact of no silence  which creates this pregnant pause; a throbbing moment where you feel like you can’t even take a breathe because the pressure is so intense. This is a really intense example of a way to create pressure or tension in the audience, used to a lesser degree in Healer but the same idea lets the main OST really feel poignant.

princess mononoke deer god

If you haven’t seen Healer I hope you check it out and enjoy it as much as I have. When you can find a drama that can move you after multiple viewings that is a treasured favorite. I have watched nearly 200 dramas and films since I discovered the world of Asian dramas a few years ago. There are not that many dramas that are extra special with how they move me, a few I can think of: Boss and Me, Secret Garden, Last Cinderella, W-Two Worlds, My Love From Another Star and Healer. I hope that everyone finds a few dramas that are meaningful to you ♥.

secret garden


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