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The Legend of Flower

So the first Chinese Wuxia that I watched all the way through during my discovering Wuxia period a few weeks ago was The Legend of Flower. I really like this drama and found some of the characters especially compelling. I picked the drama because I have a lady crush on my girl Shan Shan (Zhao Li Ying) from Boss and Me. I found ZLY incredibly endearing when she played Shan Shan and was very curious if I would like her other dramas as well.

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms really got me curious about the whole Wuxia/Xianxia genre so when I was choosing another similar drama to watch I picked one with an actress and actor I already liked. Wallace Huo the main male lead, I had seen in Love Me, If You Dare and I thought he portrayed that loner, analytical  character quite well. Zhao Li Ying plays Huo Qian Gu and Wallace Chung plays Bai Zi Hua as the main romantic lead characters. So these are why I picked this drama and I got freaking lucky to have picked such a great first drama. Honestly the next few dramas in this genre have not kept my interest or sparked my imagination as well.

What makes The Journey of Flower special are some of the unique characters that are not the main leads. Ma Ke plays an excellent villain in the Demon Lord of the Seven Murder Factions, Sha Qian Mo. However what makes his character so  interesting is that he is viewed as an evildoer by most of the world but to a few characters he acts as a true caring friend.

Sha Qian Mo always has this double-personality where he could on one hand rescue someone from danger but also be the cause mayhem and deaths. Ma Ke’s character is exciting and compelling because of the uncertainty the viewer faces when they are questioning if they can trust his morals and actions. I found his sad back story quite touching and really helped me to believe/understand his connection with Qian Gu (Zhao Li Ying).

The second character that particularly stole my heart is DongFang Yu Qing. I generally try and not spoil the plot for any drama I discuss and with this character I will be eapecially cautious but please beware there may be a few details that slip out. DongFang is a friend to the main female character and similarly to Sha Qian Mo, he has complicated motivations.

 I really enjoyed his relationship with Qian Gu; I usually am not much for second lead syndrome but I was wholeheartedly rooting for DongFang to get the girl. Wallace Chung plays an excellent cold, uncaring (tsundere type) male lead but I really liked DongFang’s contrasting passionate emotions. He was not a simple character and often chose to hurt people over being kind but I really appreciated the way no matter what choices he made he was an incredibly passionate and dedicated character.

Zhang Andy did an amazing with this role and I REALLY need to check out more of his work. Has anyone seen other dramas/films with him in it? If so, please recommend it to me! I found him able to portray a wide range of emotions and to be an incredibly memeorable performance. I was more emotionally invested in DongFang than I was Bai Zi Hua and his scenes are the ones I rewatch.

A serious soft spot for DongFang 💖💖💖

Now I have focused mainly on the side characters but not because the main characters were lacking in any way. I thought that Zhao Li Ying was excellent and I really liked her character. Qian Gu starts out very naive and as the main character, she has the most growth and change theough all the different experiences she goes through. I like Wallace Huo but honestly I didn’t really like his character or understand  his choices and ways he approached the female lead. Bai Zi Hua is the sect leader and Qian Gu is not only his student (which makes any relationship massively taboo) but is also his “fated calamity”.

A “fated calamity” basically is a person who will cause your downfall and the only way to avoid this fate is to kill the person who is your “fated calamity”. Now I disagree with how a “fated calamity” is handled and logically a lot of what happens based on knowing about your calamity is reactive and furthers the downfall. I think that the whole idea is a self-fulfilling prophecy and knowing about the calamity is integral to it coming true.  

There are many cute and very touching relationship/characters that help round out the ensemble cast. I won’t touch on them all but the entire cast is very good and this drama is definitely worth your time! Try it and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised like I was 😍.

Plus Zhao Li Ying is amazingly gorgeous, damn! Girl crush still going strong.

And one more of DongFang because I have found I have a predilection for men with fans or who fight with fans during my foray into Wuxia.


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