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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Have you guys checked out Strong Woman Do Bong Soon yet?

This drama has been a surprise hit in Korea and definitely surprised me with how funny & enjoyable it has been so far. The first episode is excellent and really draws you in very quickly with some hilarious slapstick scenes and the endearing nature of the main lead Do Bong Soon. If you are following any drama news blogs or news sites you probably have heard some buzz about Strong Woman because it really quickly rose in ratings to be one of the top rated shows ever for jTBC. Ratings don’t always mean much to me because I often like unconventional plots & themes and those can be less popular. But the more articles I read about this show really peaked my interest and made it sound quite entertaining. 

The protagonist is played by Park Bo Young who first caught my attention in Oh My Ghostess last year. She played a dual role with one character being outlandish & outgoing and the second character being very shy & unsure of herself. PBY did an amazing job portraying both as very different, compelling characters with deeper motivations/emotions. Oh My Ghostess is a really fun, touching drama with an exciting thriller/mystery element and should not be missed!

Part of what drew me to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was that it seems quite unique to Korean culture to have feminist tones. The main character is a super strong woman through a family curse/hereditary curse that effects the eldest daughter of each generation. And by “super strong” I mean she can lift cars, throw people 100’s of feet in the air and bend metal without breaking a sweat. Do Bong Soon is a straight up badass! I freaking love her character because she appears to be this small, dainty woman but she has a temper and doesn’t like to put up with being bullied or abused. Park Bo Young is an experienced actress and she has done a great job of creating a very real and multi-faceted character in Do Bong Soon. PBY is absolutely killing the humor part of this story; there is a lot of great slapstick humor and also more subtle humor in this drama. 

I have a fondness for strong female characters with one of my very first drama that really touched my heart being Secret Garden. I never stop comparing plots and characters to that classic and unique drama. In Secret Garden the main female lead is Gil Ra In, played by the amazing Ha Ji Won, and she is a stuntwoman who is not only fearless & talented at martial arts but has a don’t-give-a-shit attitute that I LOVE. She is not impressed by your money or you sequin tracksuit lolz. 

The basic storyline of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a tale of Do Bong Soon coming to terms and learning to apppreciate and use her powers. She begins the series with no clear direction for her life and she wishes she could live a normal life without all the troubles her powers can cause. Through taking a job as a bodyguard for the eccentric Ceo Ahn Min Hyuk, shecomes to appreciate her unconventional strength and finds confidence in herself & her abilities. 

Honestly most all the characters in this drama are really well acted but one that really stole many scenes for me was Kim Won Hae. He plays two VERY different characters in this drama was was pretty much the KING OF SLAPSTICK. His scenes were so laugh-out-loud funny scene after scene that he really stood out. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is such a funny drama that I even talked my husband into watching it with me and now we watch it every week! And he doesn’t like most dramas but he sweet spot for slapstick style comedy. I find the most slapstick comedy in Taiwanese dramas so I need to find one of those for us to watch next!

Now a part that I probably appreciate more than my hubby is the very funny and kinda hot bromance/rivalry going on between Ji Soo and Park Hyung Sik’s characters. Ahn Min Hyuk likes to push Do Bong Soon’s buttons by playing up his “attraction” to Gook Du. Which leads to many hilarious misunderstandings and fantasy sequences where the two men do a bit of skinship and flirting. And I for one am all for it!! 😍😍😍

I was surprised to see that park Hyung Sik was playing his first male lead in this drama. He really impressed me by how well he acted next to the more experienced actress Park Bo Young. I think he absolutely matched her comedic timing and brought a real tenderness to his character. I hope with the success of Strong Woman Do Bo Soon that he will have many leading roles in the future!

Lastly, another interesting part of this drama is how lighthearted and comedic a lot of the scenes are but that is really vividly contrasted by the thriller element that is going on in the background. Many dramas have mystery or thriller elements but what makes this plot so unique is that it has such different tones that jump around even within one episode. The villain is mother-fucking creepy and his actions are not light on violence. So you have episodes with super lows and and highs all contrasting against one another. You have the genuinely creepy  villain in one scene then several scenes that may be touching or funny right after. This thriller element also reminds me of Oh My Ghostess because the bad guy in that drama was a very creepy memorable villain that threatened the female characters. This mask is so F-in creepy. They did a great job of making the bad guy legitimately scary. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a currently airing show and will be ending in two weeks. I would highly suggest you start watching it! 

Here is a great article from Soompi (though I hate how spammy Soompi is generally) this has more spoilers in it so beware but they have a ton of great gifs that give you a feel for some of the awesome parts of the show.


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  1. OMG yes, Kim Won Hae is AHMAZING at comedy. I can’t stop laughing when he shows up! And I love the twist that they used him in two roles which made things even funnier than it can be already.

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