Rewatching Edition: Murphy’s Law of Love

I was looking through some other wordpress blogs and someone brought up Murphy’s Law of Love in the comments and  that got me thinking. I watched this drama while it was currently airing, so Summer 2015. That was definitely at the beginning of my Taiwanese Drama watching and I didn’t remember much about the drama other than that I liked it. I decided to rewatch the drama and since it is on DramaFever that makes it simple to watch while I do housework/cook etc because I can watch on my phone. 

I won’t go over the whole plot etc but I wanted to give my take-aways after watching it a second time with a few years in between and myself being more drama experienced now. Beware for SPOILERS. 

1. Murphy’s Law of Love is one of the more mature Taiwanese dramas that I have seen. The characters are a bit dense but the ending really impressed me how thoughtful the characters acted. A drama where the characters self-reflect to know that they are in an unhealthy relationship?   

Crazy, right?!?

 Then to make the whole thing even more absurdly mature for dramaland, they breakup while they still love each other and both leads take months to think about why they had made mistakes. The leads reflect on their life paths, analyze their own emotions and behaviors while they are in love. They then make changes to be better partners and decide that they want to be together in the future.

 And of course there is a bit more drama than this but basically they choose to end an unhealthy relationship and to take time to decide how to treat themselves and their relationship partners better in the future. I feel like if this was a Kdrama they would have done all this, except for the last choosing to be together again step, which would have resulted in both getting in new relationships and just staring longingly at each other until they can finally be together years later. I can picture it perfectly. 

2. I loved the opening and closing songs and videos. The opening yellow and blue concept is so damn cute and amazingly doesn’t tell you the entire plot in a series of clips. Hooray for no spoilers right away! 

I have been watching some Chinese drama and my god do they love the show wedding scenes in the opening sequence. Honestly I often think that Taiwanese drama have the cutest opening and closing clips and this is one of the best and most memorable. The closing song and videos are a bit more spoilerish but only vaguely nothing too obvious. I really think the OST songs were very beautiful and I enjoyed hearing them both during the opening/closing and during the important moments in the drama. 

3. Danson Tang was really enjoyable in this drama. I don’t why he isn’t in more drama because I think he pulls off the acting, visuals and style that are needed for most drama lead roles. I wish him success in the future because I think he is a better actor than a lot of other Taiwanese Idol type actors who get lead roles. 

4. So let’s be honest for a moment that damn escalator kiss was beautiful. The actual kiss was a bit less passionate than I prefer but the cinematography really made up for it. And that little way he picks her up at the end of the Very Long escalator ride so they don’t have to break the kiss was heart-melting. Whoever thought up that scene and that little detail is a skinship champ and I appreciate them. 😍😍 

Plus I really liked all the cute scenes in the last episode where they were doing the long distance love and are being so sweet and endearing toward each other. My heart approved of how adorable the Xiao Tong/Jia Wei couple was towards each other. πŸ’–πŸ’–

Things I disliked: 

No one need a freaking 2 minute clip to remind you what happened last episode at the beginning of EVERY single episode. Excessive!

I hated it the first time and I still cannot believe that Jia Wei buys out Xiao Tong’s charity yacht event so that he is the only one who attends. Even the second time seeing it, I am floored how anyone can think that is sweet to ruin something she had worked very hard to event plan. Now to be fair, Xiao Tong didn’t like his actions anymore that I did and this led to their breakup. But seriously, how condescending of him to treat her like a child and to show zero respect for her work/abilities. 

The lead actress’s voice is a bit annoying for the first few episodes especially. I am not sure if she was doing a more baby-talk voice for the the first few episodes and then stopped or if my ears just got used to it. But I get enough of that when I watch Chinese dramas and generally I find that Taiwanese dramas don’t focus on the high voice, big eyes, tiny face, little girl thing as much. 

And to end my Random Rewatching thoughts on Murphy’s Law of Love here are a few more cute images. πŸ˜€


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