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Top 5: Over-Rated Dramas

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Top 5: Over-Rated Dramas

Beware of Spoilers


City Hunter

city hunter

My god people talk about this drama as if it is the best action/revenge drama out there. I found it not nearly as exciting as Healer in terms of both action/revenge/mystery plots and the romance was weak. Which is shocking considering the lead female and male actors actually dated in real life, so the chemistry should have been palatable. I feel like this movie gets lots of hype and attention solely for it being a Lee Min Ho drama but being a fan of his does not mean every drama is well done or deserving of praise. I found the ending of the drama especially badly done because it left so many plot threads undone and without proper conclusions. The plot was set-up to have a complicated revenge/political focus with a ton of buildup. But when the ending doesn’t resolve all the buildup then it is incredibly disappointing and disheartening to watch.

I rate this drama as over-hyped and underwhelming for plot, acting and overall feel. You ain’t no Healer.

Cinderella and the Four Princes

cinderella and the four princes

Now while City Hunter left me underwhelmed and disappointed once I finished it. Cinderella and the Four Knights pissed me off. What a waste of (mostly) good actors and a cute set-up. The plot went nowhere and didn’t follow up on the plot points that actually were interesting. Where did her job for the chairman just disappear to mid show? The characters often made odd choices that seemed against their character’s and honestly sometimes didn’t even make sense to their back-story or anything.

And worst of all, Park Hye Ji has got to be one of the MOST ANNOYING characters I have ever seen in a drama. Her CONSTANT moping and weeping over Kang Hyun Min was relentless and sometimes happened multiple times an episode. Did she cry in every scene or her? Every other scene? Towards the end of this show I would literally see her on screen say, “oh god, she is going to cry again” and fuck if she DIDN’T CRY EVERY TIME. Honestly, I despised her pathetic character so much that I really hoped she wouldn’t end up with a happy ending but was sadly disappointed.

The Four

the four

This poor drama had so many good actors and just wasted it. Let’s be honest, this drama has hype and fans because it has so many handsome and good male actors in it. But I had to fight myself just to finish it because it was downright BORING! I mean I nearly stopped watching this drama in the first 10 episodes but decided to keep going because I did like the spunky female lead. So, I don’t mind a tsundere character (in fact I often like them), but there has to be some transition from being cold and callous towards to main girl to acting lovey-dovey. Possibly someone should have mentioned that to Hans Zhang because his expression hardly changed the first half of the story and then all the sudden they were kissing. His character, Leng Xie, took the icy tsundere thing too far which left the main couple with very little romantic development in their relationship. Yao Jihua turning bad was kinda fun but completely illogical to her character that had been shown the rest of the drama. Though I do find the whole idea that you can tell the bad guy/villain by who is wearing the darker, vampier makeup to be quite silly and strange in most Wuxia/Xianxia dramas.

Bel Ami (Beautiful Man)

bel ami

I watched Bel Ami because I had seen Jang Keun Suk in You’re Beautiful and thought that drama was quite cute despite the crazy, twins, nun, rock stars plot lol. So, I checked out another drama that was said to be a good Jang Keun Suk vehicle and damn did I pick wrong. It has been awhile since I watched this but I remember just really disliking the whole concept of the pretty boy who traded his looks for money, fancy possessions, and a high life. And the female lead was just so pathetically in love with the male lead for no good reason and he treated her so badly. I really think that this drama was such a miss for Jang Keun Suk to further his career and acting abilities because he played such a shallow pretty boy that he had basically zero substance throughout the drama. I mean we have all seen some interesting dramas that have a shallow/uncaring character that through experiences changes to become a more thoughtful and kind person. But this main character never really changed for me; he remained obsessed with looks and very vain to the end of the story.

Total waste of time, if you want a better Jang Keun Suk drama watch You’re Beautiful or Mary Stayed Out All Night.

Warm and Cozy (Jeju Gatsby)

jeju gatsby

I had high hopes for this drama because I am a fan of the writers, the Hong sisters, who wrote You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and Master’s Sun etc. But this drama was such a LAME waste of time, seriously the characters were boring, the plot was uninspiring and the best thing about the drama was the scenery of Jeju Island. Warm and Cozy is a straight, simple rom-com which makes the fact that the leads had zero chemistry ESPECIALLY evident. The characters were poorly written and really lacked the charm that the Hong Sisters are known for. Plus, there was hardly any plot to try and save this boring fluff; I personally think the Hong sisters really missed the mark for creating the unique, delightful story and characters that they are known for. One of the least memorable dramas I have seen.


Not in the Top 5 but still note-worthy

The Heirs


Now when I started watching dramas in 2013/2014, Heirs was being hyped as the best drama next to Boys Over Flowers. I watched it and honestly it isn’t the worst thing ever. Heirs has a few good points to be fair, good OST (though over-used) and interesting bromance/frenemy interactions between many of the male actors. But it could not get passed having a Romeo and Juliet level of depth in the relationship between the lead characters (and that’s not a good thing). The romantic leads never seemed to understand or know each other very well which led to their romantic relationship feeling very shallow to me. Maybe it is because I am not in my teens/twenties anymore but a Romeo and Juliet type relationship where you barely know each other but MUST be together, not caring about consequences or others you may hurt. Is not very romantic or appealing to me. And if Park Shin Hye could maybe seem a bit willing in the relationship that would be great. I find her acting to be stilted and cannot deal with how forced the skinship/kiss and romantic scenes seem to be throughout the drama.




Now I may get some hate for this but I thought the premise and first 6 episodes were ridiculous and stupid. The only reason I didn’t put this in the Top 5 is because I never finished it and that seems unfair to judge an unfinished drama as harshly. I see sooo much Park Shin Hye/ Lee Jong Suk love and shipping but I just could not get past the weird set-up, and how boring I find Park Shin Hye’s acting. Which is a shame because I really like Lee Jong Suk in every drama I have seen him in. I will probably give this drama another go sometime to see if I can get into it but for now I found the main female lead to be too weird, and stubborn for her own good. And the male lead character had no ambition and just seemed annoyingly weak; two unappealing lead characters led to this drama being dropped.


4 thoughts on “Top 5: Over-Rated Dramas

  1. The only one of these I have watched is City Hunter. I liked it but even I think it gets overpraised. On another note when it comes to Jang Keun Suk, I for some reason haven’t been able to click with him. I’m not sure what it is but the only drama I have really liked him in is Beethoven Virus.

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    1. Jang Keun Suk I found good in one drama but he seems to play the same character in most dramas and that gets old really fast to me. So I agree with you, he is not an actor I have felt much connection with either.


  2. I liked “Cinderella and Four Knights,” yet it wasn’t the best drama. I think the heroine’s best friend’s relationship with the singing cousin was one of the main reasons I kept watching, lol. They were cute. 🙂
    I have tried “Heirs” more than once. It is no where near the awesomeness of “Boys Over Flowers.”

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