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Off Topic: Otome Games

I recently started playing some Otome games. (For those that don’t know) Otome games are a Japanese type of game or novel that is aimed at young girls and are a type of dating simulation. Otome Game translates to Maiden Game in English. I became aware of this genre when I found the Ouran Host Club anime on Netflix a few years ago. I really enjoyed the Reverse Harem set-up and have subsequently watched quite a few other animes of this genre. The idea of a reverse harem anime is where a girl is surrounded by many men/boys who all vie for her attention; often archetype characters are used for the harem such as the good student in glasses, the rebel, the cute younger boy, the athlete etc.

ouran host club

When I would look up some of these animes, I would often find that they were based on Japanese video games for girls. But I thought that these were only available in the Japanese market and in Japanese so not very playable for me.

mystic messenger

Recently one of my pinup friends that I follow on Instagram mentioned that her favorite games are Otome games and as she lives in Australia and speaks English this inspired me to find some games. My friend suggested I start with Mystic Messenger for a beginning game that I could play on my phone since I don’t own any gaming systems.

OMG has anyone played this game? It is sooooo silly, cute and addictive!

Zen mystic messenger
Zen from Mystic Messenger
yoosung mystic messenger
Yoosung from Mystic Messenger

I have only played Zen so far, but I got the good ending (Yay!) And I am currently working through Yoosung’s story. For anyone who has never heard of an Otome game they are sort of like the Choose your own Adventure books that were around when I was a kid.

choose your own adventure
Anyone remember these Choose Your Adventure books? They were old when I was a kid lol
You play a story and have a love interest but the story isn’t set and that is what makes it interesting. The story changes based on choices that you make. You are given choices of things to say and based on what you choose you will have different conversations and events. You get to choose your love interest from a group of men (hence the reverse harem feel) and each love interest has multiple endings based on your choices. In Mystic Messenger you have the option of a good ending, normal ending and 3 or 4 bad endings for each character.

mystic messenger what to say example
An example of the choices you make in a conversation to affect which character gets attention from you. 
Being a total newbie to Otome games, I had many questions about how to play Mystic Messenger and I had found the website OtomeObsessed to be super helpful. So when I wanted to check out a different Otome game, I found a few game reviews and suggested games on that same website that sounded like they would work for me. I just started playing Midnight Cinderella and Destined to Love and they already seem to be very interesting. The Cinderella one is a bit of fluffy fun, you go from commoner to princess and have to choose a prince from the surrounding knights, tutors, nobles etc. The Destined to Love game seems to be much more interesting story because it is based on Japanese history and deals with two warring factions (Samurai vs Imperialists) who want to control the government/country. I didn’t know much about this era of Japanese history but I found a wiki section in the menu of the game that answered a lot of my questions.

midnight-cinderelladestined to love

I just started playing these two games a few days ago so I am still getting a a feel for how to play the games and what kind of adventure I am in for. I have picked my first romantic interest in both games, King Byron in Midnight Cinderella and Saito in Destined to Love.

Hmm, just realizing that i have chosen pretty much the same looking romantic interest in both games. Maybe I have a thing for dark haired men with eye patches lol.  Weird, maybe I have unfulfilled longings for the 4th prince from Scarlet Heart Ryeo or something. Though the characters should be quite different, even if they do look alike which will be good. I definitely would be bored if I somehow picked the same characters and stories in two different games.

midnight cinderella
My destiny awaits me, lol
Wish me luck on my Otome journey and please let me know any Otome game that you have heard of or played. And any advice for these 3 games I am already playing would be very appreciated because I am pretty new to this whole world 🙂

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that these are free games I am playing for anyone wanting to check them out. You can pay to buy to make the game quicker and to  get more options but I generally don’t pay games as a rule. I may pay for additional stories/endings (apparently that is how you get the steamiest endings) at some point but free for now works for me!


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