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I am finishing up a few blog posts that are in the works right now but I didn’t want to wait too long to post. So here is a what I am currently enjoying 😀.

I am watching a few current and some previously aired dramas that haven’t been released with all the episodes subbed yet. 

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin is a Chinese web drama with short episodes that are only about half an hour and go by very quickly. This is a crime investigation genre with the main characters being 2 medical examiners and a detective who examine dead bodies, investigate, and solve murders. I saw some comments about the show being too grisly with the dead bodies and autopsies, but personally that didn’t bother me. I am really enjoying the interactions between the main three characters and the funny odd couple type comedy against the darker investigation plots. It helps to significantly lessen the dark, heavy feel of the plot. I am watching these as Dramafever posts a few episodes a week and I have heard that a second season is airing currently so hopefully that will get subbed as well. 

My Secret Romance is a very lighthearted manga-like romantic comedy that is growing on me. I feel like the acting was a bit stilted and stiff in the first episode and has loosened up as the episodes have aired. I am finding it to be quite enjoyable albeit total fluff. But I love a fluffy drama and those are often the ones I rewatch over again because they take so little thought. The lead couple has some good chemistry which is important for this role because of the one night stand leads to love story line that should take place. I like the female lead even though she is a bit of a doormat but she is cute with her hiccuping nervous demeanor when she is being pushed around. Sung Hoon plays the outrageous cheabol quite well with his ridiculous chiseled face and well fitting suits. I am growing fonder of his character as he falls more for the girl and starts to show more emotions. Dramafever has this one as well.


I started Stay With Me last week and watched the first few episodes but haven’t picked it back up. I began it because I really like Wang Kai and want to check out more of his dramas and films. If you have seen this drama please tell me why I should keep watching because I need some motivation. I found it a bit dragging and the comedy to be not very funny. So let me know if it is worth continuing? Maybe it gets better..?

Three smaller Chinese dramas that I am in the middle of are Master Devil Do not Kiss Me, Fool in Love With You & I Love my President Though He is a Psycho. These dramas help me to remember why I usually stick with more well-known dramas and films. Master Devil should be subbed by now on KissAsian, as it was mostly released with subs when I checked it two weeks ago. So I will be finishing that soon because it has 20 minute long episodes and is quite silly but yet fun to watch. A perfect drama to watch while I am cooking or multitasking, though damn similar to Boys Over Flower (Hana Yori Dango). The other two were not on Kissasian and I have had trouble finding subbed versions of all the eps. So these ones may be slow going,  waiting weeks for a single episode to be subbed. But I have enjoyed the quirky and borderline strange My President is a Psycho even though it is not particularly logical and is set deep in soap opera world with far over-the-top characters. So I will just keep checking every so often for updates. I wasn’t as interested in Fool in Love With You but as I have only seen two episodes, I think it has some room to get quite interesting since it is a full length drama. Reminds me a bit of the Jekyll and Hyde drama with Hyun Bin a few years ago because of a multiple personality story line. 

Behind Your Smile is a Taiwanese drama that I am about halfway through. This one has been interesting because I began watching it because the synopsis on a few sites talked about it being based somewhat on Faust and had a lead character who was immortal and ended up falling in love. (Goblin flashbacks anyone?) But this synopsis was based on a mistranslation and this was pretty disappointing. The actual plot of Behind Your Smile has no supernatural elements but is basically a revenge story meets a romance with those two elements clashing. I have really enjoyed the main male actor and this is my first experience seeing any of his work. Has anyone seen other works with Marcus Chang?

I have been taking a break from The Perfect Match because I caught up at episode 4 and I wanted to let a few weeks worth of episodes pile up so I can watch more. I will probably be catching up on all the episodes Viki has available subbed in the next few days; I do enjoy a good binge-fest. I love Chris Wu as an actor and am really liking the cute main couple in this drama for the most part. I like the food/chef aspect of the show and hope it continues to be good and gets even better as I watch more episodes. Seriously between this and Behind Your Smile I feel like Taiwan has stepped up thir drama game and is choosing to do some interesting and less conventional stories than many past Tdramas. 

Have you seen any of these dramas? A pretty random selection right now for my watch list. What are you watching? Please share! I would love ideas of next dramas to watch!!


14 thoughts on “What I am currently watching…

      1. I recently finished a bunch of dramas and am close to finishing Tomorrow With You. The only new one I have started is Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and its fantastic.


      2. Oh I am so glad you are liking Strong Woman, I loved it! How is tomorrow for you? I got to about episode 6 and dropped it because it was kinda depressing. Worth me picking back up to finish?


      3. I liked the chemistry so much that I was able to get through the more depressing parts. However, if after 6 episodes you couldnt get through it then in probs just isnt for you and thats ok.

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  1. I surrender(!!)… to Behind Your Smile. 😍🙌🙌 It’s been very hard to let go, and so I just don’t to make life easier. 😅 Considering the typo in the widespread description (the original never mentions “immortal”, but that he trades his soul… so we think it’s more likely that it’s “immoral”), it garnered a decent and loyal following. Marcus is gaining much deserved love and attention as an actor. Although his other works may be more known or popular, for me personally, none has him stronger in performance as he is here as Zhao Yi Ting. Faust does him good, thanks to the solid character studies, script, and directing. Many viewers are understandably captivated by him, but I think Eugenie shines just as bright. The drama isn’t perfect, but it is the very best for me, my favorite among favorites. Coming from Taiwan, the darkness is refreshing. Deep, thoughtful, and meaningful writing to make for a beautiful story, it’s really a testament to Taiwan’s talents and abilities. Hope you enjoy the rest! 😄☉💪❤❤

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    1. I love your description of the drama and thisq helps me to be super excited about watching the next episodes! I agree that the darker story and compelling characters are a lovely break from the more conventional rom-com characters that are often present in both Kdrama and Tdramas. I will have to look up the rest of Marcus’s work to enjoy his acting again. Thanks for the tip!

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  2. I have seen none of these. In fact, some of these I have never heard of. “My Secret Romance” has me interested, though. I saw the lead for it in the 2012 historical drama, “Faith.” It’s cool seeing that he is finally get a loner male lead role, because he was a pretty good actor in “Faith.”

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    1. I first saw Sung Hoon in Faith as well and we was one of the more interesting characters. Just like a live action anime character with his magic flute and long white hair :). I enjoyed him in Oh My Venus which put him back on my radar. I am happy he is getting some main roles. Though I do think he should try some action or detective type dramas, to not get himself typecast as only the uptight chaebol in a suit.

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  3. Ah, you are watching the Trio of Awesame aka Dr Qin. 🙂 One of my fave shows last year and I’m currently trying to find time to finally rewatch it with subs. It is a pretty decent crime show, elevated by the acting of the three mains. Loved the ongoing banter, show was quite funny in places. It did go more serious towards the end and the final epi wasn’t quite up to par, especially as I had already guessed who the Qin’s ‘nemesis’ was pretty early on. S2 has just started shooting, if what I’ve read holds true. No idea when it’ll air though as it sometimes takes quite long for cdramas to get released.

    I watched the first fiew episodes of ‘The Perfect Match’ a while back. It’s ok for a tw idol drama and I liked it well enough but I eventually decided to put it on hold till fiew more episides have aired. I’ll get back to it one of these days. Btw. the female lead, Ivy Shao was with Marcus Chang in ‘Back to 1989′, which I really liked. It was Marcus’ 3rd drama, he is pretty new to the scene. 🙂

    My Secret Romance… I throughly enjoyed the director’s last romcom ‘1% of Everything’ but MSY may be a bit too fluffy for my taste. Romace isn’t really my go-to genre.

    For some reason all the dramas on my current roster are on weekend – ‘Tunnel’, ‘Chicago Typewriter’, ‘Man to Man’ and ‘Father is Strange’. A somewhat odd combination. 😀

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    1. Yes, I look forward to a season 2 of Dr. Qin later this year maybe. The main three characters absolutely made the show with their connections and banter. I have so many unfinished questions about their relationship that I am happy to get a chance to resolve in Season 2.
      I like my rom com’s but even for me My Secret Romance is a bit too sweet, I feel like they are trying too hard to make something adorable and fluffy. If the audience can feel you trying to make it a cult rom com drama then it will NEVER get there. I loved 1% of something last year and even went and watched the original version. Very cute and well acted show.
      I have been curious about Chicago Typewriter as it looks a bit different from anything I have previously watched. I do want to check out Man to Man soon, maybe I will start that next since I just finished Chief Kim and Behind Your Smile. I do like a good bromance though I don’t know much about the rest of the story. Just heard it has a secret agent type story line and interesting bromance.


      1. Chicago Typewriter has been great so far. It is a bit different and probably not to everyone’s taste. Such a bummer they pre-empted this week’s episodes due to a local holiday. Man to Man is hilarious! Anyone who expects a serious spy show will be disappointed. It’s a parody and I hope it stays that way. Kdramas have this unhappy tendency to go maudlin at some point, no matter how funny they are at the start.

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