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Top 5 Weird Dramas..? And my full Drama List.Β 

A lot of blogging about dramas is looking forward, always seeing what the next dramas are that are coming out. Always looking at the new drama buzz, the new stories about the castings, the productions stills, the new teasers etc. But I try and change my focus periodically to reflect on my Drama List to see which dramas I have already watched to remind myself. 

Does anyone else keep a list of all the dramas they have watched or are watching? I have a moderately bad memory so for me I need a list to keep up with what I have seen especially once I started to amass quite a list. 

*Drum roll sound*… and I am going to share my list as a celebration of hitting #200 on my list. 

1. Secret garden

2. Coffee prince

3. Rooftop prince

4. My love from another star

5. Boys over flowers

6. You are beautiful

7. A gentleman’s dignity

8. Heirs

9. Faith 

10. Heartstrings (boring)

11. Personal taste 

12. My princess

13. The master’s sun

14. Girlfriend is a gumiho

15. 200 pound beauty

16. Flower boy ramyun shop 😍

17. Hyde, Jekyll and I

18. Kill me, heal me 😍

19. Flower boy next door

20. The greatest love

21. Shut up flower boy band*

22. Dream knight 

23. Blood

24. Lie to me

25. Pasta

26. Bel ami (beautiful man)

27. Pinocchio*

28. Heart to heart

29. Fated to love you

30. k-Pop extreme survival

31. Taking care of the young lady

32. My lovely Sam soon

33. It’s ok that’s love 😍

34. Producers*

35. jeju gatsby (boring)

36. Orange marmalade*

37. Me too, flower

38. King of high school saavy

39. Marriage Not Dating

40. Princess Hours/Goong

41. Exo next door

42. My love Eun Dong* (heartwrenching)

43. Murphy’s law of love 😍

44. Prince’s prince (BL-ish)

45. Healer 😍

46. 49 days*

47. High society*

48. just You

49. mysterious Transfer Student

50. Fabulous boys

51. Blade man

52. Hana yori dango

53. Late night restaurant*

54. Full house

55. Oh my ghostess 

56. Sensory couple*

57. Love cuisine* (jumped the shark)

58. Falling in love with soon Jung

59. When I see you again

60. Love around

61. Noble, my love 😍

62. Love, now. 

63. Protect the boss

64. My secret hotel 

65. Love cells

66. Love cells 2  

67. Marry me or not?*

68. Doctor Frost

69. Finding Mr. Destiny

70. fall in love with me

71. Oh my venus

72. Bigbang made tour

73. Bigbang making the band

74. Secret message

75. To the beautiful you

76. Running man

77. Switch girl*

78. Singles villa

79. Never die*

80. After school: lucky or not 

81. Spellbound

82. After school: lucky or not 2

83. King 2 hearts* (must finish one day)

84. Mary stayed out all night

85. Birth of a beauty (strange)

86. Click your heart

87. Last cinderella 😍😍😍

88. My girl*

89. City hunter 

90. High end crush 😍

91. Madame antoine (meh)

92. Astro ok ready

93. Runway cop

94. Cheese in the trap

95. Bromance

96. Whatcha wearing?

97. Witch’s romance

98. Romantic princess

99. Refresh man*

100. Please come back mister*

101. Penny pinchers

102. fall in love with me*

103. City hunter 

104. Bride of the century

105. Skip beat

106. My amazing boyfriend

107. Exo showtime

108. School beauty’s personal bodyguard*

109. Absolute boyfriend*

110. Finding Mr. Destiny

111. Death note

112. Death note 2

113. Death note drama

114. Another oh hae young

115. Doctor crush*

116. Uncontrollably fond (boring*)

117. Vampire heaven*

118. Vampire flower*

119. W- Two worlds

120. Liar Game

121. Love O2O

122. Boss & Me (Shan Shan) πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

123. Scarlet Heart Ryeo* (skipped sad part)

124. moonlight drawn by clouds*

125. Jealousy incarnate*

126. Cinderella and the four princes (stupid)

127. Scholar who walks the night

128. What is love? 😍

129. Queen In-hyun’s man

130. Substitute Princess/ King Flower

131. Let’s watch Meteor Shower*

132. The Rise of a Tomboy

133. Love through a millennium

134. Sukinahito ga Iru Koto (A girl and three sweethearts)

135. So I married an anti-fan

136. Love o2o movie

137. 100 days with Mr. Arrogant

138. Love you you

139. Good Morning Call

140. Go ho’s starry night

141. Splash splash love

142. 1% of something

143. 1% of anything

144. Fated to love you (taiwan)*

145. My girlfriend is an Agent

146. Kimi wa Petto

147. Kyou wa kaisha yasumimasu

148. Let’s drink / Drinking Solo

149. Prince of Wolf*

150. Love in time

151. Love in disguise

152. Easy fortune happy life

153. Nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni tatsu 😍

154. When a snail falls in love

155. Love me if you dare

156. Rich man poor woman

157. Rich man poor woman in New York

158. L❀️DK

159. Kuroshitsuji (black butler LA movie)

160. Hana kimi*

161. Sweet stranger and me* 

162. Bounty hunter

163. Time raiders

164. Goblin

165. Legend of the Blue Sea*

166. Evergreen Love

167. Kanojo wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru (The liar and his lover film)

168. PS Man

169. Thumping Spike

170. Thumping Spike 2

171. Shopping King Louie 😍

172. My Queen

173. Missing Nine*

174. Tomorrow for you*

175. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

180. Strong woman Do Bong Soon

181. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

182. The Journey of Flower

183. The Four (not good)

184. The Legend of Zu*

185. General and I

186. The lover*

187. Lovely Love Lie (The liar and his lover)*

188. Legend of Chusen*

189. Nirvana in Fire*

190. The starry night, the starry sea

191. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

192. Master Devil Don’t kiss me 2*

193. I love my president though he is a psycho*

194. The perfect match (chris wu)*

195. Fool in love with you* (wait for subs)

196. Stay with me*

197. Medical examiner Dr. Qin

198. My secret romance*

199. Behind your smile

200. Chief Kim 😍

The asterisks mean I havent finished or stopped watching for one reason or another. 

The emoji’s are pretty self explanantory πŸ˜€
I especially think it is interesting to see my kdrama journey slowly evolve and change as I started to watch new genres, films, webshows and to expand my drama repertoire to include many more countries. 

As I was scrolling through and remembering all the dramas I have seen, I thought a fun game would be: What are some of the weird/weirder dramas that I have watched?

Weird can have a lot of different definitions so I looked up the actual definition online as kind of a guide. Weird can also have good or bad connotations; I think at first glance odd or unusual has negative overtones but I personally really like different, unique and sometimes verging on bizarre things. So with that short explanation here are the Top 5 Weird dramas that I have seen. 

My first entry in this game is pretty easy to choose. It has to be a Japanese drama called Kimi Wa Petto (You’re My Pet). I really enjoyed this drama for the unique story line and characters. What makes this drama so strange/unusual is the interesting non-conventional situation and roles the main characters enter into. The general premise of the drama is that a career woman who is quite lonely happens upon a box with a young man in it (who doesn’t have a place to live) and seems to need her help. From there these characters enter into a master and pet relationship with the young man acting as the dog/pet. So the dynamics of this relationship are very interesting especially coming from Japan which is such a patriarchal society. So the female lead is the one in charge in this relationship and she basically completely takes care of this young man as a pet. So the concept is already unique but what really made this so interesting to me was that the master/pet relationship really seem to give each character what they needed. They both have a void that is filled by this unconventional relationship. 

My second entry will be the classic Kdrama Secret Garden, one of my very first and most enduring drama loves. What makes this drama so weird is the plot and the unusual supernatural elements that affect the characters in the plot. So Secret Garden is nearly impossible to describe the plot to somebody who’s hasn’t seen it. It sounds quite strange and quite bizarre to describe a body swapping love story to most anybody. Not only do the main female and male characters magically body-swap during the show but they only do so when it rains. Now I like supernatural plots and this one actually makes sense when you watch the show. But I have tried to explain what Secret Garden is about to random non Kdrama people and the looks I got were interesting to-say-the-least with confusion, skepticism and downright dislike/disinterest as a few examples. Now I adore the man in a woman’s body/woman in a man’s body hilarity that ensues initially and that is all because of this supernatural wine that the characters drink. The plot then gets quite a bit more complex as the story goes along and they have a romance at the same time as the body swapping occurs. 

Number 3, W-Two Worlds has been a favorite of mine ever since I watched it air last year and has garnered some new actors/actresses that I have become a fan. But this show is definitely unusual and strange in the plot and concept. The twists and turns from the beginning to the end of this plot are difficult to explain to somebody, for sure. But also were somewhat confusing when you were watching. I am pretty good at following plots/understanding complex storylines and watching a second time helped me to understand some of the characters & unexpected interactions between the Two Worlds. The basic premise is that a manhwa/comic world is alive and real in another “world” and through a series of interactions between characters in our world and the manhwa world all kinds of chaos happens. So what gets confusing is the back and forth between worlds; the plot/future changes depending on what is drawn, but also is affected by the free will of some of the manhwa characters. Excellent show, but has a strange and complex way that the story plays out. 

A different kind of weird is a recent Japanese drama called Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu (We Married as a Job). What makes this drama odd or weird is the focus on awkward characters, and the choices that they make. At one point I watched some British television shows and one really interesting element of many of those shows is how they focus on awkwardness, and making the audience feel that awkwardness. If you have ever seen Peep Show that is one of the most cringe-inducing, awkward shows I have ever seen and is an excellent example of this type of forced awkwardness. Now Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu is nowhere close to Peep Show but it definitely stars a lead male character that is very socially awkward and hastrouble interacting with others. The whole idea of the show is that the main couple gets married to maintain a employer/employee relationship. They approach marriage as a job for the female lead who is a housekeeper for the lead male character. Both characters are quite inexperienced around the opposite sex and generally not knowledgable about emotions, feelings and relationships. Which of course leads to some very funny but also very touching moments as they begin to change how they see each other and what they want their relationship to be. Excellent show but has a very different feel from most other dramas I have seen, thus it being labeled odd/weird. 

And finally my 5th weird drama is my absolute favorite Japanese drama Last Cinderella. This show probably fits better with a description of unususal versus truly weird. What makes this so unique is the main male lead character and how the actor, Haruma Miura portrayed his drastic personality change. I have very rarely seen a more touching portrayal of a character completely changing motivation and emotions in a drama. Haruma Miura is a young actor, but he really made what could have been a conventional & lackluster show into something truly special. The way the characters are allowed to evolve and ultimately completely change their fate is beautiful and unique in the drama world where most characters are 2D, shallow and have set storylines. So the beauty of this drama is also what makes it so unusual and weird. 

Interestingly Japanese dramas have made up the majority of my Top 5 Weird Dramas List. Though I should not be surprised because as much as I love Kdramas they do tend to be mostly conventional with a few unique ideas and plots every so often. Maybe this means I need to expand my Kdramas to include different genres that may include more creative elements. 

Since the everyone’s Drama List and interpretation of Weird is different, I would love to know what dramas would be on YOUR Top 5 Weird Drama List?? 


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Weird Dramas..? And my full Drama List.Β 

    1. I get way too much enjoyment out of keeping count. I’m not sure why…lol. But yes I bet you have seen a ton of dramas, it always sounds like you have been watching dramas for much longer than me. You always speak so knowledgeably about dramas so I assumed you have been watching this genre for a long time. I started 3 years ago I believe.


  1. Yup, I’ve got a List, though it only consists of the kdramas I’ve watched. It’s on the blog but I haven’t updated it for a while, so it’s not complete. I’ll probably re-do it once I’m done with the dramas still on my current roster. πŸ™‚ I seem to have watched quite a fiew on your list too.

    There aren’t that many kdramas I’d call weired, most are odd in some way or quirky. From top of my head I’d say Evasive Inquiry Agency and Once Upon Time in Saengchori (loved both).

    Japan has loads more really quirky/odd ball/weired dramas, it’s one of their ‘charms’. πŸ˜€ Some I’ve watched are; Keizoku (1999), Tiger & Dragon, Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi, Senryokugai Sosakan, My Boss My Hero (loltastic), JOKER Yurusarezaru Sosakan, Sugarless. They are all off kilter in some way, some more than others. The first 2 are couple of my all time faves too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will definitely check out your list to see the gems I have missed. I was hoping someone else would like quirky/weird dramas and give me some of their favorites. So you are my hero πŸ™‚ I will have to start looking these up to find some new unusual dramas to watch. Plus I don’t hear as much about Japanese dramas so I always appreciate a suggestion for a good one.


    1. I have fallen in Love with Wallace Chung after seeing him in General and I plus I love Gu Man’s other work so this had been on my radar for a bit. I really need to watch this one soon!!! So cool to meet other people who like the same dramas πŸ’—πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wowwww! 200! That’s a big number!
    I maintain a list of dramas that I’ve seen…it’s fun. I didn’t keep a track of shows I dropped though.
    I agree that we don’t find many weird shows in terms of kdramas as they usually follow safe route.

    Liked by 1 person

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